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DESCRIPTION:  The student will experience the world of design and construction.  Their first experience will be with the mechanical drafting tools to learn the universal language of drafting to represent objects.  Upon completion of a set of working drawings the student will reproduce those designs using the Solidworks software program with the computer.  A small woodworking project will be designed and constructed in the woodshop upon completion of a demonstration of the safe use of hand tools.  The safe use of the band saw and machine sanders will be introduced to construct a beginning curve cutting project.  The final project will be a CO2 racecar that the student will compete against fellow students. The cost of the racecar is $1 if the student chooses to take it home.




-Create functional drawings using hand tools. Identify the alphabet of lines

-Identify and demonstrate the safe use of the basic woodworking tools, curve cutting and sanding machines, joinery and materials.

-Design a small functional woodworking project and demonstrate the ability to make lineal measurements.

-List the materials and calculate the cost of the project.

-Create a plan of procedure listing the steps involved in the construction of the project.

-Demonstrate proper personal safety practices while working in the lab environment.

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